Mediation isn’t just a service we offer. It’s a reflection of who we are.


Every time we help parties settle a case, we know we’ve done something good.

As attorneys, we’re experienced litigators who represent our clients tenaciously and with an eye for the best solutions available under the law. But litigation isn’t always the best route to getting people what they need. It can be expensive, cause untold amounts of stress, and drag on for years.

Mediation can resolve disputes quickly, and in a way that benefits both sides. We’re absolutely passionate about mediation’s power to produce a positive result—one that inflicts as little damage as possible on everyone involved. Mediation gives control back to the clients and lets the healing process begin.

We’re deeply experienced in this area of practice. And we’re uncommonly good at it. Brian Hewitt has mediated nearly 1,250 cases, successfully settling more than 90% of them. His areas of expertise include estate, trust, and guardianship disputes; professional negligence/malpractice cases; and real estate, business, and commercial disputes. Chris Mueller is also a registered civil mediator with substantive experience in trust and estate law as well as a background in personal injury cases. Chris has worked extensively with Brian on complex mediations, giving him experience beyond his years.


We’ve designed our space to be ideal for mediation. Our office space—built in the brick framework of a historic firehouse—is a beautiful example of modern industrial design, but it was also conceived specifically to accommodate the mediation process. We have four elegant conference rooms that allow parties to be as comfortable as possible as they work through negotiations, plus a lounge and a coffee bar to help everyone feel more at ease.